Let me just start with a small story. A month ago I was attending some training sessions, and I was with this group. The Trainer ask a very simple question, “Do you believe in God ?” I said, “Yes, I do.” When asked the same question to one of my friends, he said, “Well, I don’t believe in God or whatever. God doesn’t exist. I believe in Logic.” For a moment, I was happy that he thinks this way. Later when we were having dinner, I saw him closing his eyes and praying just before eating. I asked him, ” Are you praying? But, You’re an Atheist, right ?” And he had nothing to say. Guys, let me tell you simple things what we Indians fails to understand. Being an Atheist won’t make you Cool.

Why Being an Atheist Won’t Make You Cool

We define being cool as being different than everyone. If your friends like some stuff, then you will hate it because you’re cool. It might make you cool for a moment, but you’re are making yourself a fool. A big-time Fool because telling people that you’re an atheist just out of coolness is a sign of foolishness. This idiocy doesn’t stop here. It goes on and on. A lot of times I saw some low-level shits calling themselves atheists and thrashing out people who believe in something. Who the fuck gave you the power to question their belief? They often think that people who are religious (Theists) are stupid. If you are an atheist, and you want them to be at your side, you have to do the complete opposite of thrashing out their religion.

People often say, “we believe in logic and facts, not a dynamic entity which governs every force in the universe. We believe in Science, we believe in history.” Dude, Stop bragging about science! You don’t know shit about science. Being an atheist won’t make you smart and being an atheist don’t make you Cool. These guys tell everyone about being a non-believer, but when their ass is in trouble, these hypocrites are the first to pray. Praying is not the bad thing neither if you are a believer. The sad thing is when you start abusing other religions by wearing the mask of a non-believer.

Please Stop

I am not telling you what is right and what is wrong, but acting like an atheist just to look cool is morose and cheap. So stop ruining the word “Atheist” and grow up.