Recently, I was brought up into a Direct Selling Business called DBA. I didn’t join it, but I got very harsh comments on the company’s methods and ethics. So Today I will share my experience while I was in that company for almost seven days. People say DBA is fraud company, some say it’s not. Just read this article and decide for yourself.

DBA Fraud or Genuine?

Note: I am neither against DBA and nor in favor. I just want people to know the truth, which I saw. So, Please do read it until the end before criticizing me.

What is DBA?

First let me tell you, the DBA, which stands for Dynamic Beneficial Accord, also known asIFA (International Franchise Association) is a Private Marketing company which deals with the Direct Selling marketing approach located in Mohali, Punjab. I wouldn’t go into the history of the company as it doesn’t matter. If you enter this building or even go nearby this corporate building, you will see maybe hundreds of people around it.

YES, Hundreds. All roaming in and out in groups carrying a small notebook with them. If you are a stranger, and if you ask anyone what happens inside, they’ll say business, if you ask how much is your salary, everyone tells the amount more than 20,000 Rupees. It is not what bothers me; it’s how none of these people will tell you the exact method of their earnings. If you resist, then they’ll ask you to join the Seven days training.

How DBA Moulded Direct Selling into Something Different

Let me tell you the approach of almost(Not DBA) all the Direct Selling Companies. As you know, that Direct Selling or MLM is about making branches or adding people as “downline.” Every single individual you add is part of your team, and you get benefits from every member you add.  The companies (Not DBA) will come to you and explain every single detail about the process of earning. Introducing to System is where almost many people separate their ways from Direct Selling. They think it’s hard to convince people to invest money in a business like this. Especially in India, where Direct Selling is kind of “Fraud” system due to ugly methods used by some companies.

Now the DBA don’t tell anything about the method or their system. They introduced an efficient way, “Seven Days Training” to overcome all the flaws of other direct selling companies. The DBA is Direct Selling, but the System of DBA is the well-planned thing. I studied the system carefully; it’s hard to explain it in just one article. In DBA, there are ten stages which you have to go through or understand. These “Stages” consist of various techniques which make you “businessmen” person. First they introduce you to the company, and then they work on your communication skills, your stage fears, how to talk to a person, etc. All this is for first 4 Days. These four days are very crucial. In these four days they tell you a million things about business, they will introduce to people who earns more than 200,000 rupees per month. These things are just to build your moral towards the effectiveness of this company.

Till now you don’t have any idea what this company is all about. They won’t even tell you your job role in the enterprise. Then the fifth day comes where they say about the MLM or Joining members or people under you like all other DS companies and for that you have to make a purchase. Let me tell you something about the Purchase, if you want to earn in this business, you have to make a purchase of about 54,000 Rupee. Shocking isn’t it. If you somehow survive this, the 6th day comes with the calculation. The calculation is about the details about how you will earn the money from DBA. The interesting part about this stage is that when the person is explaining you about how much money you can make, he will ask every individual a question that how you will spend this amount of money and each one has to answer and to be precise. How much money do they tell you? A lot, in my case, they went up to 1000+ Crores. They are making you dream, which isn’t a bad thing. Now the 7th Day. It’s called “Approval.” It is like a test.

Approach: Worst Thing About DBA

If anyone asks me about DBA, the first thing I say is that the Company is valid, so is the System. But there are some problems which can question the Authenticity of the whole company. Some of these issues are-

The Invitation

The Invitation is how you invite people in DBA. They teach you how to call people and tell them that they are Working in an MNC earning ₹20,000+ per month working as Fashion Advisor. It is a LIE. There is NO salary. The “Excuse” they make for this is that “A Lie which can change someone’s life is not a lie at all”. A company who starts inviting people by lying to them is not a company people look. People come in hope for jobs and earning money, but they find disappointment. See a Screenshot I’ve found on the internet.

The Restrictions

The Restriction is an effective way of making sure from DBA that people won’t run away during the “Seven Days Training”. First, you have to stay with the Guy, who brought you for seven days at his place. In this stay you are not allowed to use your Mobile Phones, you are not permitted to go anywhere, just from DBA to Room and Room to DBA. When this stay your seniors or Upline guides you through it by telling how they got successful and how you did nothing in your life, this is your only chance. It’s like you being in Cage for seven days. All you hear, all you talk and all you see is DBA and only DBA.

If asked why we can’t use mobile or go outside, they will tell you that you have to prepare for the Approval, these things get you distracted. We cleared more tough exams in our life but going outside didn’t make it more difficult. They are only making sure that someone outside won’t tell you about the PURCHASE before they do. It is more like brainwashing.

The Brainwashing

The whole seven days training is about making you feel worthless. Their talk goes on criticizing doing jobs and how you’ve wasted all your money on your education. Many people there are not more than 10th pass. They start comparing you to them. If you are highly qualified and looking job very badly, they will even make you cry because all you valuable diplomas and degrees are same as a 10th pass person sitting with you. It makes you think and makes you more disappointed.

Final Words

The Direct Selling is an excellent way to make money, so is the DBA. But what I don’t agree with is that they are fooling people by targeting those who are in desperate need of a job. Please don’t do that. By doing this, you might earn a quick money but think about how that person arranged that amount of cash. If you don’t care about people then ignore this article and join DBA and earn lots of money.
The System of DBA is Excellent, but the Approach is sick.

If anyone found this offensive, you all are welcome to the comment section. I will explain each and everything why I am right; you are wrong.