I’ve seen things, and I am going to tell you what I hate the most. Spoon Feeding. Let me tell you why you should never Spoon feed anyone and how the spoon feeding eats your Curiosity and Confidence. I may sound blunt but its the way things are.

Why You Should Never Spoon Feed

I’ve been blogging for almost one year, and I have learned so much from everyone. I got into Blogging because of my friend and Mentor Karan Vyas. He introduced me to WordPress and SEO.  He gave me an introduction about how things worked and how should I move from here. 90% of the time I mess up things and get confused. I get back to Karan and ask him to fix it. But, I get so angry because he just tells me a thing or two to fix it. No method or step by step tutorial. I had to go on the internet and study the things he told me. And guess what? It always worked. Sometimes I even thought that he ignores me. But now when I look what I have achieved in 1 year, I understood that it was the way around.

The thing he never did was Spoonfeed. He showed me a way to follow. Just because of this, I never became dependent on anyone to teach me. I have many people in my friend circle who always keep asking for help in Blogging, SEO, and Programming.  I do guide them, but some of them never understand the difference between Guiding and spoon feeding. They want me to teach them step by step because they are too lazy to discover this stuff on their own. But I never do this, not even to my best friends. Now I figured out why people hated me in college. I am always happy to help individuals and friends, but this “help” is often mistaken by “Spoon Feeding”.

Why is Spoon Feeding always wrong? It makes you Lazy, lazy sorry not lazy right. You become so dependent that you don’t want to work by yourself, you look people to teach you by holding your hand. It reduces Confidence to work alone and eats up your inner child, your curiosity. What can be worse? You won’t be able to imagine. It will make you mentally weak that eventually, you’ll end up being a Naive.

I don’t want to target anyone. It’s just what I find in most of the people nowadays. Please, Never Spoon Feed. If you like this post, please do share it.