New Beginning – Salesforce Development Community

November 20, 2017

Last time I remember, I was deep in Advance Java. And now, here I am in the Salesforce Development community. Let’s call this “A New Beginning.” First, let’s talk about Java. Java could be intimidating when you’re interested in exploring its limits and boundaries. But for a beginner level programmer, it could be frustrating as hell too.

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The thing I love most about the Java is the huge development community. Now, you’d be like, “many other languages got pretty good development communities also, why don’t you mention them here?”. Well YES, and NO too. Yes, there are many Programming Language with good and average community base with many ongoing upgradations developments in the core structure. But, in comparison to Java, they lack hundreds of libraries still yet to be built and discovered. The amounts of branches that Java extends to are huge. Each branch of Java is a research paradigm. But, enough of “Java is God” talk, let’s focus on the main thing. I thought I would be in the line of Advance Java and stuff in coming future. But it didn’t quite go my way.

I wanted a career which let me do experiments with active development projects, but these kinda jobs are limited in Tricity region area. I did have many opportunities to join some firms at IT Park, but they all were service based and NO active development. So it was a straight NO from my side because service is something boring (No Offence).

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After a month I got an Opportunity from Grazitti Interactive, a company which is specialized in Marketing Automation. I gave the interview and bingo! I was in. I did hear about Salesforce but never got an opportunity to dig a little deeper. But as I moved on with Salesforce, everything started to make sense.

Final Words 

It’s almost 8 months and I’m in love with Salesforce. The thing what I most love about Salesforce is that the number of details they give attention and priority to. In my college life, I thought my code was good but all I did was nothing. The level of my code wasn’t even 10% of the Production level code. BUT, now I have a great team of world-class developers to guide me and a clear path in front of me. I couldn’t ask for more.

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