Star Wars: Force Awaken, which is the Seventh Episode of Star Wars saga released this Saturday. People around the world are freaking out as it’s almost ten years since the last Star Wars movie, Revenge of the Sith came out in 2005. But some people, trending that they don’t care about Star Wars. I just want to tell them how they are making a fool out of themselves by saying so.

Reply to Those Saying They don’t care about Star Wars

To a simple person, Star Wars may look like a movie for kids where some robots are shooting laser guns. Sometimes when I tell my friends to watch Star Wars with me, they often make fun of me. “What’s this? What are you, 8-year-old ?” These are the same people whose little minds are incapable of understanding the story. These are the same people who say they don’t care about Star Wars.
Star Wars is the greatest movies of all time. Just walk with me here. Imagine yourself back to 1977, and you have no idea about SFX, and then suddenly this film came out which has made history with its groundbreaking SFX. Not just the Graphics, the story is about Intergalactic Wars, which is so vast and impressive at the same time, only right minds can understand. Rest says, “We don’t care about  Star Wars.”

I am from India. There are very little Star Wars fans. Yesterday one of my friends came to my house, and I showed him the BB-8 Droid Video (See the Video below) as he is Electronics Engineering. After it, he told me that it is sad that Star Wars: Force Awaken became a flop and couldn’t stand a chance in comparison to previous trilogies. For one moment I was stunned not because he thinks it’s a flop but the fact that he has seen the movies. When I asked him, have you seen Episode 7, he said, “No.” When I asked whether if he watched all or any one of Star Wars movie, he said, “No.” He even doesn’t have any idea what this movie is all about. At that time, I was like, “Dude!! How can you say that Episode 7 is a flop ?” He said his friends were telling this, and he read something about it on a “Facebook page.”
Guys, let me stop you from being a jerk on social media. If you’ve never seen Star Wars, then you go on social media ranting about how you don’t care about star wars, just stop! It’s almost like you haven’t seen earth moving; you are shouting “I don’t care if the land is moving.”

NOBODY cares, nobody is asking you how do you feel about new Star Wars Movie. You are just making a fool out of yourself. It’s my request, just stop!