Need To Isolate Student Politics from Mainstream Politics in India

June 20, 2016

Student Politics and Mainstream Politics

Student Politics. A few months ago, Hyderabad University was in the main headlines of our media, not for a good reason. A student of this prestigious University ended his life for “unknown” reasons. Before anyone could understand, some student of a “Dalit” union framed Rohit as a Dalit student with turning the face of the case from suicide to murder. Dalit, which Rohit’s parents denied at first. The Salient things about this case are that the Student Union framed him as a Dalit within hours of his death, for which Supreme Court took six months to prove it. Wasn’t Rohit a human before a minority? Is it fair to treat someone’s death as a political agenda and Political gain? Is this the work of some students or are there Big political parties playing proxy war in Educational Institutions like Hyderabad University?

Student Politics

We all are aware of the violence between political unions bring in Educational Environments. 90% the mainstream politics engender the violence. We have to understand completely that big political parties are getting into student politics just to make a good foothold, whatever the “cost” is. In other words, prominent political faces are playing an egregious game, and it is taking a shape of proxy war. People in India have a contradiction about student politics in Educational Institution. It is a Boon and Bane at the same time. For a better future of our country, it is important that our young generation sees the Politics as a fine thing and understand it. But, instead of this, we are teaching them Social Difference, Religion, and communalism. All these erroneous deeds just for the vote bank and gain political gain. Just to substantiate, let me freshen you memory a bit. Some months earlier, JNU University came in headlines. A group of fanatic leftist students, just to get hype and political attention challenged the Supreme Court with Anti-India Slogans. But, here that’s not the case. That is just a stunt to gain popularity by challenging the authority of the Highest Court of India and by defaming the Constitution. That is how the dirty politics eats up the right minds.

For a better future, we need clean politics. We all assert that by separating Big-picture politics from student politics is a solution, but how are we going to do that? Instead of teaching them politics, we have to teach them polity first. Introducing Polity as a subject in every study is an excellent idea. We all see politics a bad career choice, and yet we criticize and complain those who don’t play by the rules. That is the main reason why we cannot stop or end the student politics. We can improve it only by radicalizing the politics. For that, we need more creative and young minds in Indian Politics.  We will respect our Constitution only when we understand it first.

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