New Beginning – Salesforce Development Community

November 20, 2017

Last time I remember, I was deep in Advance Java. And now, here I am in the Salesforce Development community. Let’s call this “A New Beginning.” First, let’s talk about Java. Java could be intimidating when you’re interested in exploring its limits and boundaries. But for a beginner level programmer, it could be frustrating as hell too.

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The thing I love most about the Java is the huge development community. Now, you’d be like, “many other languages got pretty good development communities also, why don’t you mention them here?”. Well YES, and NO too. Yes, there are many Programming Language with good and average community base with many ongoing upgradations developments in the core structure. But, in comparison to Java, they lack hundreds of libraries still yet to be built and discovered. The amounts of branches that Java extends to are huge. Each branch of Java is a research paradigm. But, enough of “Java is God” talk, let’s focus on the main thing. I thought I would be in the line of Advance Java and stuff in coming future. But it didn’t quite go my way.

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Need To Isolate Student Politics from Mainstream Politics in India

June 20, 2016

Student Politics and Mainstream Politics

Student Politics. A few months ago, Hyderabad University was in the main headlines of our media, not for a good reason. A student of this prestigious University ended his life for “unknown” reasons. Before anyone could understand, some student of a “Dalit” union framed Rohit as a Dalit student with turning the face of the case from suicide to murder. Dalit, which Rohit’s parents denied at first. The Salient things about this case are that the Student Union framed him as a Dalit within hours of his death, for which Supreme Court took six months to prove it. Wasn’t Rohit a human before a minority? Is it fair to treat someone’s death as a political agenda and Political gain? Is this the work of some students or are there Big political parties playing proxy war in Educational Institutions like Hyderabad University?

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Featured Trevel

Kamrunag – Shikari Peak Trek

May 11, 2016

The Kamrunag

I love traveling. Especially with my awesome friends. We don’t travel that much, but we are starting to. Every year we go to a place for trekking called, “Kamrunag Temple” located at an altitude of 3334 meters above sea level in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. If you don’t know why Kamrunag is world famous, read this article on Kamrunag Lake by Times Of India.  Last year we stayed for a night in Kamrunag. It was okay. We had fun. But this time, we tried to little more. More than just staying for a night. We decided to extend it to 3 days and added: “Shikari Peak” better known for “Shikari Temple” as our final destination. But, what happens when things don’t go as planned? That is why Kamrunag – Shikari Peak Trek became unforgettable.

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Direct Selling : DBA Fraud or Reality

February 27, 2016

Recently, I was brought up into a Direct Selling Business called DBA. I didn’t join it, but I heard very harsh comments on the company’s methods and ethics. So today I will share my experience while I was inside that company for almost seven days. People say DBA is fraud company, some say it’s not. Just read this article and decide for yourself.

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